Testing BlogApp

Testing BlogApp
I really need a way to add items to my blog where I can spell check them as I type. Plus I normally use Chimera, an OSX Mozilla based browser, which is still in development and whose text fields really suck.

Plus I want good HTML in my posts. So I’m trying BlogApp. It uses the blogger API. We’ll see how it works. I can’t figure out how to set the category. Maybe that’s not supported in the API.

Building the site.

I actually run three and a half sites right now. But none of them were my personal weblog, so I finally found a domain name I like – even if I did have to make up a word – and started the is site.

When I went looking for blog software I looked a Moveable Type, but wasn’t sure it was free for my shareware company, so I looked some more and found Nucleus. Its written in PHP, which I understand, and that’s a good thing. Once you understand it it is also easy to use.

Next I had to find a look that worked. I’m a programmer, not an artist. But I ended up here via this path:

I also upped my account at DreamHost from thier $9.95 account, which only allowed one domain to be hosted, to the $19.95 account which lets me have 3 and more bandwidth and MySQL queries.

Stuff that matters.

Slashdot threads are like car wreaks. If you look you’ll be compelled to keep looking even when you hate what you see. I subscribe to thier RSS feed, so I get sucked in regularly. I want to write an app that watches my browser, sees if I’ve been on a single slashdot page for more than 5 minutes and closes the browser window.

But this thread is too good to pass up. I’ve got my threshold set to 4 so I avoid a lot of crappy posts.

This morning

Harris County Office of Emergency Management has a cool rainfall map for Houston. You can actually look at the rainfall in a particular area and when you click on the little rainfall numbers you can see if byous are over their banks.

Kingwood, where I live was one of the heaviest rainfalls in the area. But we really didn’t have much flooding. Lots of roads were flooded on the way to work. Based on water lines, there was a foot of water in the parking lot of our office. Another two or 3 inches of water and it would have flooded the offices.

Went out an looked at the roof over the closet that was leaking last night. There is a vent pipe or something coming out of the roof, though not right over the place the leak is. Maybe that is leaking and not the whole roof. Guess it wouldn’t be the whole roof anyway.

First Item!

So my personal weblog begins. Amid the down pour of rain here in Houston.

It is late, after 11. I used to have panic attacks every time it rained when I woke up. I was for some strange phobic reason afraid I’d left the window of my car open or something and rain was pouring in and ruining it.

But ultimately I got myself over it. But tonight I think I’ve got it back. Found out there is a leak in our master bath. Water just running down the wall inside the closet. Probably means we need a new roof. We definataly need the closet fixed.

And that involves money, which we never have enough of.

So now I can’t sleep, but I did manage to get my blog up.